Insurance Assistant Inc. brings a combination of experience and management expertise that provides the insurance industry with a rich technological support and efficient work force solutions to enhance its business acumen. IA provides assorted services to match the needs of its consumers, thereby consolidating the number of clients / customers which continue to increase.

This reliability focuses on IA’s continuous commitment to serve the insurance industry to improve the profitability of the customer knowing no bounds.

The brains behind the company bring 30 years of experience of being in this industry and have together made tailored solutions to cater for with specific financial needs during the waved fiscal trend that has overcome this industry.

Why Us?

In the face of challenging economic times insurance companies are struggling to maintain their balance. , pressing regulatory changes, and increased competition for market share.

Companies that focus on the traditional business drivers to deal with shrinking revenue and flat expenses will continue to weather the financial storm – just as they have in the past. The competitive landscape is shifting though and will favor those in the insurance industry who take advantage of cost-cutting solutions of today’s market to position for long-term future business.

Capitalizing on the current challenges and turning them into real opportunities will require the strategies that leverage human capital and increase productivity.

Few areas of the norm within typical insurance companies which are ripe for transformation include:

  • Manual processes
  • customer retention
  • underwriter effectiveness
  • customer service response
  • and claims cycle times

Insurance companies that understand the compelling need for this transformation and take advantage of the tools available will be leaders in the industry for years to come.

They can utilize IA today to gain greater control of processes, decrease expenses, and streamline operations. By utilizing some of the best practices defined by successful IA initiatives, insurance companies can realize a nearly immediate return on investment (ROI).

Only Reduction in payroll expenses?

It is not just that. IA will assist your business in:

  • Efficiency Savings Respond rapidly and efficiently to high volumes of new customers
  • Reduced Overhead achieved while reducing the cost of customer service units and thus providing for growth of products without incremental staff.
  • Staffing Flexibility Retool and retrain the contact center workforce.
  • Continuity & Risk Management we shoulder the responsibility through our dedicated approach.
  • Develop Internal Staff We automate workflows and processes
  • Focus on core areas: extra time and attention that we can devote to those aspects of the business that differentiate the company and add real value.
  • Save on infrastructure and technology Utilization of our services save costs that your company may incur on a setup