How Can We Help You!

Our qualified professionals handle your confused and frustrated customers to satisfy them with appreciated customer support so that they speak positive about you company. Grow your business by retaining old customers by giving their call a value and providing exemplary answering services to all of their queries. We offer very economical packages to provide exceptional services that goes way above the cost justification.

We are a call center outsourcing consulting company, period.  Facilitating the call center selection process is 100% of our focus. We assist in analyzing the needs of each client.   Then, typically initiate contact with the best 3-5 call centers for the specific application or campaign. Our Call Center Services include.

IA can boast of the multiple services it has to offer which is not limited to:


Inbound Services

  • Claims Intake Services
  • Translation Services
  • Answering Services
  • Customer Services
  • Inquiry Handling
  • Technical Support Services
  • Help Desk Support


Back Office Services

  • Service Centre Operating 24 hours a day
  • Underwriting Services (available on request)
  • Emailing and faxing production reports to agents to keep them informed
  • Find new prospective agents for the marketing representatives
  • Website development Internet marketing and electronic flyers followed with a phone call
  • Virtual assistants to agents and office staff


Outbound Services

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Products & Services Promotion
  • Lead Generation
  • Tele-Marketing
  • Market Research and Surveys
  • Email Follow-up

How Can We Help You!

It’s not just a question. It is our philosophy and the cornerstone of everything we do. Since the beginning, our focus has been to continually find new and better ways to help our client’s help them make profitable connections with their customer’s Whether by traditional telephone based contacts, web collaborations or emails, we make the most of every contact we make. You will find our staff reliable, responsive and innovative. A difference you and your customers will appreciate.